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The way we end the day is important. It is an opportunity to take stock of how we are doing with our goals. 

We may have goals of meditating every day, eating healthier, or setting aside a little more time for Karma Yoga. To make the best progress, we need a way to monitor how we’ve done with our goals. We also need to re-set our inner navigation system to affirm our objectives. One great way to achieve these objectives is the use of the chant listed below. 
Kara charana Kritamvak Kayajam Karmajamva
Shravana Nayena jamva Manasamva Paraadam
Vihitam Avihitamva Sarvam Edat Kshamashwa
Jaya Jaya Karunabdhe
Shree Mahadeva Shambo
Jaya Jaya Mahadeva Shambo
Shree Mahadeva Shambo
Kara charana Chant:  A Great Way to End the Day
as explained by Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera
Please forgive me all my mistakes Lord,
Made by my hands, feet, body or karma;
By my speech, ears, eyes or by my mind;
By intent or through neglect Lord.
May all glory be unto Thee, Lord;
Sacred Ocean of Mercy.
A nice way of incorporating this wonderful chant into your daily life is to do it near the very end of your evening meditation session, just before, 
Lokaa samastaa sukhino bhavanthu.

Repeat it every day, reflecting on your mistakes and with the firm knowledge that you are forgiven and that your weaknesses are on the way out of your life.

May you soon experience the liberating joy that this humble chant can bring into your heart.

OM Shanti, shanti, shanti.
In it, we turn to God and ask forgiveness for our mistakes – big or small, intentional or unintentional, as the result of a weakness of ours, or just through neglect. This beautiful chant ends with praising God, reminding ourselves that our Creator is an infinite ocean of mercy. 

In truth, there is no doubt about receiving Divine forgiveness. We are so loved and cherished by our Creator, that it happens again and again and again. The real purpose of this chant is for us to keep an eye on our mistakes and shortcomings so that we can overcome them.