The Power of Sound
Sounds have the power to create or destroy. The soothing rhythm of waves washing on the shoreline calms our tattered nerves while the screech of metal on metal causes us to cringe. Yogis have understood and worked with sound for thousands of years for healing, for uplifting the mind, and for tuning in to the higher, Divine Wisdom.  Click here to read Reverend Jaganath's full article, The Power of Sound.
Maha Mritunjaya Mantra 
(Tryambakam Mantra)
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The Great Benefit of Satsang
Hear Guruji chant an ancient teaching and give the English explanation
Sanskrit Meal Prayer 
Hear Guruji chant it and give the English translation
A Simple Meditation Routine
Hear Guruji chant the opening and closing chants for a meditation practice.
In Difficult Times
Hear Guruji speak about how the Yoga Life can serve you during difficult times.
Watch & Listen to Yoga
My Guru, Swami Satchidananda, First Meeting
My Guru, Swami Satchidananda, The Ministry
My Guru, Swami Satchidananda, Initiation
To view full screen video, please visit the Yoga Life Society YouTube Channel.
Hari OM Chants
Hear Guruji chant Hari OM.  There are two versions, the first is the basic Hari Om chant, the second is a longer, expanded version, including OM Shanti chants. 
Seeing Yoga
Darshan means to see or perceive something that uplifts the mind, that brings an experience of peace, meaning, and joy. Try to take every opportunity to fill the senses with visions, scents, tastes, and sounds that carry the essence of the Highest. When you perceive even a bit of the Absolute in any form, you are blessed. Your mind will become still and the heart will open to the experience of the unshakable peace within that is your True Nature. 

Truth Is One; Paths Are Many
Kara charana Chants
Hear Guruji chant the Kara Charana chant.  This is a great way to end yout day. 
The Story of Job - Part 1
The Story of Job - Part 2
Arati Chant
Hear Guruji chant Jyoti Jyoti, which is chanted during the arati waving.
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